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Unwrap the history of creativity in Milton Keynes’ parks

Heritage Open Days set to uncover the creativity hidden within the picturesque

parklands of Milton Keynes. The Parks Trust are excited to announce a series of

Guided Walk & Talk events which will an exciting glimpse into MK’s innovative

landscape design, wildlife conservation, and the fascinating historical narratives

within the city's green spaces.

Enthusiasts of art, history, and nature alike are invited to join Parks Trust experts to

unveil the intricate tapestry of Milton Keynes' Parks. From woodland ridges to vibrant

wildflower meadows, attendees will learn about the delicate art of managing these

landscapes and the balance of nature and modern amenities, including the

integration of public art.

Events will take place in Campbell Park, Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve, Ouse

Valley, North Loughton Valley and Stanton Low between 8 th and 14 th September.

Plus, on Saturday 16 th September, Great Linford Manor Park Celebration Day

promises fun for all the family. From heritage games, re-enactments and storytelling

sessions to Georgian clothing, swing boats, crafting and market stalls. Local authors

will captivate listeners with short stories, alongside delicious festival food and live


More information can be found on The Parks Trust website.

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