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The Travel Column - ISSUE 1 (MK)

Hi, I am Nikki Findlay, the owner of Experience the World Travel, an independent travel company based in Woburn Sands.

While we await the arrival of sunshine and summer, it's the perfect time to start making plans for your next holiday. If you are thinking of booking your dream holiday over the internet, please think again. Does it answer all your specific queries and concerns? Does it offer you the best options at the best prices? Even though the internet may seem like a good place to search for and book your holiday, is it? Never has there been a time when the support of a travel agent has been more critical. Eamonn Holmes has said, 'Using a Travel Agent is the future.' and we agree! With so much uncertainty surrounding travel now, the support of your Travel Agent has never been more important. Wouldn't you rather pay the same or even less than the internet but with 24/7 support from us?

Now more than ever, there is a need for flexibility, assurance, and the proper support and information to book a holiday with confidence. We work with many companies offering stress-free guarantees and flexible booking terms to enable you to travel with complete peace of mind, knowing that you are fully protected should things change.

What type of holiday you are looking for?

  • Beach Holidays – Imagine relaxing on a pristine beach with crystal blue waters and the gentle sound of the waves to give you company.

  • Villa Holidays – If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, planning a villa holiday is a great way to go. Relax in the security of your own private space.

  • Adventure/Activity Holidays – If you're an adventure junkie waiting to go on a swashbuckling escape, we can help you plan an awesome holiday. We can plan adventures in your preferred destination from cycling, walking, trekking, safari/wildlife exploration, sailing, and more.

  • Touring Holidays – A touring holiday is the best way to explore a country in-depth, with the help of amazing guides. Whether you want to travel as part of a group or plan a private tour holiday, we can help arrange the best option for your specific needs

  • Luxury Travel – Looking for something exquisite after this long and difficult period? We have you covered! We can offer all kinds of luxury travel services, from private jets and top-class hotels to luxury cruise ships and concierge service.

  • City Breaks – Our team can help you with the best accommodation and excursions for a memorable short or long city break across the globe.

  • Cruise Holidays – Cruise holidays offer a unique experience of exploring the outstanding natural beauty of a region and allowing you to relax and enjoy unmatched hospitality and facilities aboard futuristic fleets. you can choose to holiday aboard a mega-ship that can carry around 6000 people and offer fantastic facilities, including racetracks and zip wires or opt for a calm and relaxing holiday aboard a small ship or sailing vessel.

Get in touch with us on 01908 886491 or email us at woburn@etwtravel.co.uk. Our extensive network of travel partners and suppliers enable us to offer you incredible value for money and choice, all with the added benefit of unparalleled support and assistance.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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