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SS/21 - Why Now is the Perfect Time to Start Shopping Sustainably.

The sun is peeking out, the days are getting longer, and the end of lockdown is finally on the horizon. It feels great, but I can’t be the only one giving my wardrobe a disapproving look! If you’re anything like me, you’ll have spent the best part of a year wearing loungewear (and yes, we all know that’s just a boujie way of saying pyjamas)! Jeans and a nice top have become a thing of the past, but not for long. With the prospect of a summer that may actually be spent with other people, it’s only natural to be already starting to plan a major wardrobe update. And I reckon I’m not the only one who has started window shopping for clothes that match my ever-growing collection of patterned face-masks. But, instead of heading straight to your fave online high-street store, why not try a more sustainable option?

Why should we shop sustainably?

There are plenty of reasons why we should be shopping sustainably, but the main reason is how much better it is for the planet! It’s no secret that fast-fashion plays a hugely detrimental factor to our natural environment, so, no matter how you choose to shop sustainably, you know you won’t be supporting that industry.

Did you know it takes over 13,000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans and a nice top? By choosing to shop small or secondhand, or by simply reducing the amount of new clothes you buy, you could be saving so much water and energy! In addition, by choosing to support sustainable options you are also shopping ethically, as many fast-fashion companies don’t pay their workers a fair wage! So, you can help not only the planet, but the people who live here too.

How can we shop sustainably?

There are many ways you can shop sustainably, but one of the most common ways is choosing second-hand options. This is popular for many reasons. Firstly, it helps to prolong the lifespan of clothes. Thousands of items of clothing end up in landfill before their time, which makes all that energy used to create them wasted.

But, by donating your clothes or selling them instead of binning them you can make that energy a lot more worth it. Not only that, but it’s the best way to get all your favourite high-street items with none of the guilt! You can still find the perfect ASOS shacket or Boohoo midi skirt without supporting the brands themselves. Plus they’re usually much cheaper!

Where can we shop sustainably?

There are plenty of places you can shop sustainably, even with charity shops currently off the menu! Try searching sites like eBay, Depop, and Vinted for some hidden treasures!

Or, alternatively, why not see if there’s a local small business that makes cute items? These are often unique and made with much more care than mass-produced clothing!

So, why not give sustainable shopping a go before heading straight to your fave fast-fashion site when you update your wardrobe? Not only can you shop knowing you’re doing your bit for the planet, you may even save a few pennies and find a fab, unique item in the process!

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