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The Money Column - ISSUE 1 (MK)

Hi, my name is Charlotte, and I am the magazine resident money columnist!

Thanks for checking-into this Issue’s edit, I would love some feedback of what

you would like to hear more of. Feel free to drop me a note on the details below...

Now that the madness of Christmas is over and we are into the new year, have you started to plan your 2021 money goals yet? Money is often thought of as a scary, or taboo subject but in reality, it shouldn’t be. Money is a commodity that enables us to do the things that we enjoy doing. Some people have lots of it, others don’t and that’s not the important thing here. We really do need to stop comparing ourselves to those Instagram lives or to those that have more than us.

Every story is different and often what we see is fluffed up for the ‘gram anyway…

I’ll leave that one with you.


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