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Hello Everyone, I'm Muz, a personal shopper, stylist and expert tailor for menswear. I am also your official men's fashion columnist for Disclosure.

Ok gents, as we all approach the end of lockdown (thank god, it's been a long one), we all know we have drunk and eaten too much and put on a few unnecessary pounds in the wrong places. Now is the time to get your favourite clothes out whether it's a suit, shirt, jeans or trousers, try it on and make sure it fits. Planning ahead to avoid not fitting into your post lockdown wardrobe is the best way to ensure you don't have any surprises the night of the first big party you attend or face to face meeting. Here at Muradstyling, we do alterations to clothes to make them fit so give us a call and we can pick up your garments, alter them and get them delivered back to you with a speedy service.

For Me, Men's Fashions are abysmally the same and very uninformed, especially if you compare the outfits that are available for the ladies. For this reason, men simply wear the same things or styles and are not adventurous enough. I know you, trendy men, out there are thinking "hang on Muz, it's not the case with me", but I am talking about the majority of men out there. For me, there are lots of ways for the average dude to make do though,

it really boils down to complementing old standards with a personal touch that doesn't overwhelm. Below are some of my Do's and don't 's for men and some of my favourite styling tips for the summer.


  • Always match your belt with shoes (i.e the colour).

  • Try some shirts with pastels and bright colours for summer.

  • Long sleeve shirt without the button-down collar with sleeves slightly rolled up to give it the casual look.

  • Own at least one or two properly tailored Shirts.

  • Always wear your shirt tucked into your trousers, jeans, or chinos.

  • Wear a nice watch on your wrist that stands out (doesn't need to be expensive).

  • Wear your trousers so the length of them is just sitting on the shoes (a soft break onto the shoes) If skinny trousers - wear them a little shorter.

  • When wearing jeans, make sure they are longer then roll them up twice at the bottoms to make them look trendy and by doing this you can also then see the light side of denim from the inside.

  • Always take your jacket off when driving or sitting down for long periods.

  • Always make sure your jacket sleeves are slightly shorter so you can see the sleeves of the shirt underneath - show off that watch!

  • Own at least one properly tailored suit - you can always tell the tailor-made ones.


  • Never wear socks with flip-flops - definitely a no!

  • No baggy shorts or below the knee shorts or trousers

  • Button-down shirts are out of bounds !! As are formal short sleeves shirts.

  • Never ever open or unstitch outside pockets of a formal jacket.

  • Don't match your Jacket pocket square with the tie, instead wear different bright pastel colour to go with your socks

  • Always be sure to monitor the status of your tucked-in shirt through the day as the little frumpy shirt bulge is often seen above many a beltline and is definitely NOT an attractive look!!

  • Never wear trousers, jeans or chinos too long

  • Only dry clean a suit four times maximum a year

  • When hanging clothes in your wardrobe, never push them all together or squeeze them, leave gaps between them.

For alterations, more tips, one-to-one consultations and personal shopping enquiries, please contact me through my website or by phone. I also make unique bespoke and made-to-measure men's suits, jackets, shirts, trousers and coats all tailored individually with your choice of linings, buttons and styles. We also will include your monogram inside. I specialise in Weddings and can organise a social distanced sit down to discuss the needs of grooms and groomsmen. We can design and accessorise with your chosen colour coordination and style. We also offer an express service of this within 10 days turnaround. For further information please visit the website for a free consultation.


Tel: 07931558995

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