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Hey all, how have you been? It’s Jelks here bringing you a slice of interior styling and home comforts.

Well, we’ve made it through winter and the toughest few months, but brighter days are ahead. So for now, I thought I’d share some ideas on how we can refresh our spaces for the new season. You don’t even need to attempt any DIY skills with these either, and they can all be done in one afternoon.

5 Things to Revamp Your Home for Spring.

1. Change your colours

If you have accent colour on your cushions and throws simply change a couple of cushion covers and chose a new colour throw – that will create instant change.

Just measure the size of your cushions, and only purchase the covers; a much cheaper alternative than buying new cushions. Then you can swap back for autumn/winter, when you want to feel cosy again. Also, think about the textures, choose lighter more natural fabrics like linen and cotton, and remove the fluffy, faux fur ones.

2. Move a rug

Either removing it from the room altogether to reveal your wooden flooring or swap the rugs to enjoy in a different room, this will immediately feel different. Whilst you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to wash them to give them a refresh too.

3. Add spring scents

Use cut flowers from the garden and arrange them in little glasses around the house or treat yourself to a big bouquet. Also, try changing your cleaning products and candles for fresher floral scents.

4. Bring the outside in

If you’re feeling creative, why not try to make a spring wreath for your door.

Create a vignette for your island or dining table or add a little herb garden for your kitchen

5. Switch your bed linens

Try lighter fabrics and colours, not only will this keep you cool but will give your bedroom a spring feeling.Linens and cottons are the best materials for spring/summer and you can’t beat Egyptian cotton, look for the highest thread count you can afford and keep the colour palette light and bright.

Whatever you try, you’ll be sure to add a little more spring freshness to your home. I’d love to see if you have a go and try some of these ideas, tag me so I can see.

You can find me on Instagram or Facebook @jelksjourneys or follow my blog www.jelksjourneys.wordpress.com.

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