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The Charity Column - ISSUE 1 (MK)

Hi! I’m Charlotte, Founder of MK Charities.

The go-to guide for information on not-for-profit’s in Milton Keynes, who to volunteer for, enjoy the events of and donate to. Here to help you find out about how to support our local charities and all about them.

Here are 3 charities I want to tell you about and how you can support them:

Harry’s Rainbow:

Harry was just 5 and a half years old when he grew his angel wings. Harry was a twin to his sister Jessica, Odette and her partner found it difficult to get the bereavement support they needed as a family and especially for Jessica, losing her twin brother.

So, Harry’s Rainbow was born, a charity committed to supporting bereaved families in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. Every year they have a flagship event called Jessica’s Rainbow Run, it will be held virtually and anyone can join in the fun to help not only raise funds but raise awareness and share what you’ve learnt about the charity or to thank the charity for their support.

Website: www.harrysrainbow.co.uk

Email: info@harrysrainbow.co.uk

MK Foodbank:

You may have seen big collection boxes at the end of tills at your local supermarket with their logo on them and wondered who they are? MK Foodbank is a charity that supports our community in need getting food to collection points around Milton Keynes. They rely entirely on food and monetised donations, when seeing their collection boxes, you can support them by not only donating food but taking a photo and tagging them on social media to help raise awareness. Having just moved to their new home MK Foodbank have put an appeal out to help them continue their work this can be done by their Buy-A-Box or Back-A-Rack, to find out more head to their website and click ‘Buy A Box’:

Website: www.mkfoodbank.org.uk

Email: thefoodbank@mkcc.org.uk

Curly Tails:

A pig rescue sanctuary that allows pigs to have a second chance at life.

I was shocked to hear that these pigs are some that are brought as pets when they are piglets and when people realise they get big, it's time for them to go, and so many other reasons they get neglected. This isn’t just a place for pigs to have a safe space but for a space for us to learn and feel good when being there. Once restrictions allow, Curly Tails will be taking bookings for visitors(schools, corporate teams included), not only is it a great day out, but amazing for team building and a place where you leave smiling. You will be able to keep up to date on what the team is getting up to on social media and you have the opportunity to sponsor your very own pig, getting regular updates to share with you and your family on how your pig is doing.


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