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The Beauty Column - ISSUE 1 (MK)

Hello! My name is Ashley Maryan-Green, your resident Beauty columnist.

I started my journey in the Beauty Industry, fresh faced, at 17 years old working for artistry brand Urban Decay. Now I am a leader and educator for Benefit Cosmetics where I have been for over 5 years. Day-to-day I’m all about busting beauty dilemmas and wowing brows. I love educating my clients about all things beauty and what works for them. There is no one size fits all with makeup, for me, it’s all about a tailored experience, artistic expression & having fun…

BUT whether it’s a technique or products that don’t mix well, there is a theory to what works and what doesn’t! I’m here to teach you guys and gals about JUST THAT. Forget those hacks you’ve seen on Tik Tok, let’s talk about cult products, amazing brands and most importantly what really works and what doesn’t! Real life, real skin, real beauty.

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