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Start your new career in the beauty industry with MHB Training.- ISSUE 1 (MK)

If we look at the positives to the last year, one of them is the inner entrepreneur that so many people found when faced with losing their jobs or being made redundant. MHB Training is for anyone who has a passion for the beauty industry and wishes to become a beautician with accredited training.

MHB Training is based in Bletchley where they started their journey delivering beauty services within MHB Salon to the lovely ladies of Milton Keynes. Their services include attending to lashes, brows, facials, and non-needle lip fillers. Along with offering services to their clients, they also supply their fantastic range of products to other beauticians making them now a one-stop-shop for customers, fellow beauticians, and now with the introduction of training in the industry, they really have made their mark. MHB Training will be opening from the 12th of April to anyone looking for accredited training in the industry.

The training which is on offer will be in eyelash extensions, eyelash tint and lift, the newest trend of brow lamination and hair extensions which the UK has seen grow rapidly in popularity in the last few years.

Amey Bromley, the owner said of the move to training, “we know and appreciate how hard this last year has been on so many people and the more I spoke to people, the more I could see there was an opportunity to introduce training as more and more people have lost their jobs or been made redundant. I wanted to offer a solution. Beauty is such a passion of mine so training will be an absolute pleasure. I urge anyone interested to give us a call for a chat”.

MHB has launched their brand new website where you can go and have a look at the training options available and they expect to begin from April 12th.

For more information head to their website www.MHBtraining.co.uk

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