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New independently owned take-away opens in Wolverton, Milton Keynes

Max & Amina are the backbone and founders of Spice Bar. The husband and wife duo share the same ambition and passion which together create the most explosive ideas. They both use their strengths to not just build a successful business platform, but to create an impact on people’s lives. Max and Amina would like to introduce you to their new venture which is located in Wolverton, The Square, called Spice Bar. Spice Bar is a Bangladeshi/Indian takeaway with a twist.

"We have dishes that originate from our ancestors, the heart of where Bangladeshi cooking was born. Every single dish you taste will have those tastebuds dancing on your tongue. The great part of our menu is we can make almost every dish vegetarian/vegan based to cater for ALL of our customers", Max tells us. Max and Amina’s passion for food shines through in their service with the customers, their love for their community and just providing a true authentic experience with every bite from Spice Bar. For more information, visit their website here.

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