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New Centre Manager Simon Martin Brings Decades of Retail Expertise to Midsummer Place

Midsummer Place is excited to welcome Simon Martin as its new Centre Manager. With an extensive background in the retail and management industry, Simon's appointment marks a new chapter for the popular shopping destination.

Simon Martin's journey in the retail sector began on the shop floor during his time at sixth form, where he gained hands-on experience in roles ranging from cashier to assistant manager, store manager, and regional manager. Over his remarkable career, he has managed stores for prominent brands such as TK Maxx, Matalan, Marks & Spencer, Specsavers, and Toolstation, overseeing teams ranging from 20 to 650 individuals and handling turnovers from £1 million to £52 million per year.

"Joining Midsummer Place as Centre Manager feels like a dream come true," expressed Simon Martin. "Having grown up in Milton Keynes and possessing a deep passion for retail, I am excited to contribute my experience and skills to enhance the customer experience, support team development, and create a dynamic shopping centre."

Simon Martin's vision for Midsummer Place is to create an outstanding customer experience that aligns with the changing retail landscape. "We will focus on providing everything today's customers desire in a key shopping destination," he explained. "We aim to create a community hub that supports charities, integrates leisure, hospitality, independent businesses and premium retail, all enhanced by cutting-edge technology."

Simon's commitment to enhancing the shopper experience is evident in his plans to work closely with retail partners, implement digital and customer feedback strategies, and foster a culture of customer-centricity. He also intends to maintain a strong online presence through click-and-collect services and engaging events, making Midsummer Place a compelling destination for both online and in-person shoppers.

Furthermore, Simon Martin is dedicated to sustainability and community engagement. He shared, "We are taking steps to protect the environment, continue to divert waste from landfills, and support local charities and community focus groups." Simon's leadership approach involves open lines of communication with tenants and stakeholders, as he values firsthand experience from his decades-long career in retail.

Simon Martin's tenure as Centre Manager at Midsummer Place is marked by his ambitious goals of continuing the centre's growth, nurturing strong retailer relationships, and cementing the mall as the heart of Milton Keynes.

In his personal life, Simon Martin is a family-oriented individual with four children and an engaged partner who is a personal trainer and business owner. He is an advocate of personal development and a disciplined lifestyle, often engaging in fitness activities like running, training, and swimming to stay motivated and energized.

As Midsummer Place welcomes Simon Martin as its new Centre Manager, the mall anticipates a future filled with enhanced shopper experiences, sustainable practices, and a vibrant sense of community.

The recently refurbishment of The Boulevard has seen eight new high-end cabins built with small independent eateries that are already bringing a new shopper experience to Midsummer Place. Simon and his team will bring further positive news and developments to the centre in the coming months.

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