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Meet Our Cover Photographer! ISSUE 1 (MK)

You can’t have failed to spot the fabulous photo of Willen Lake on the front cover of our first issue, so we thought we should tell you a little more about the photographer behind it.

The image was shot by Gill Prince, who is well known as being a huge advocate of MK and also the creator of the widely-acclaimed 2017 Unexpected:MK photography book which was published as part of Milton Keynes’ 50th birthday celebrations. Gill has been a resident of MK since 1992, and was also 50 in the same year as MK, which is how she originally got involved in the project. You can read the full story at https://www.gillprince.com/the-background-story.

Since the publication of the book - which was featured on BBC Breakfast and ITV Anglia – Gill has continued to provide photography services to clients in MK and beyond, as well as offering her ever-popular tuition services. These include 1-2-1 and small group workshop sessions, both in person (when permitted) and also online via Zoom. Gill teaches everything from ‘off auto’ to more advanced photographic skills, and also Adobe Lightroom at all levels.

We’re delighted to be working with Gill as we continue to develop Disclosure – and do look out for her next Milton Keynes image on the front cover of our April issue! We don’t know what it’s going to be yet, but we know it will be gorgeous. You can find out more about Gill at www.gillprince.com.

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