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Get OUTDOORS with The Outdoors Mum - ISSUE 2 (MK)

Hi everyone, my name's Jenny aka 'The Outdoors Mum’. Welcome back to my column, where I aim to motivate and inspire you to get OUTDOORS!

Exploring with babies and young toddlers.

I love getting outdoors and exploring with both my girls

(age 3.5yrs and 12 months) but getting outside and knowing where to go or what to do with a baby can be tricky. It’s quite easy in the summer or on a warm spring day as you can lay a blanket down, pop your baby under a tree and let them take in the amazing sensory experience of the light flickering through the leaves, the sound of the birds, and the fresh air on their cheeks. But in cooler climates, you might often be worried about taking your baby or young toddler outside and this is where I tell you...

“There is no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing!"

Here I share my top tips on getting out in the cooler weather and how to enjoy yourself:

1 - Layer up. Choose layers over big chunky coats to adjust to ever-changing spring days.

2 – Protect their skin from the wind and outside elements. Sunscreen on a sunny day is a given but I like to use Weleda Baby Calendula Weather Protection Cream on days where it's windy or in cooler climates. It’s a gorgeous balm and helps protect their delicate skin.

3 – A hat that ties under their chin and covers their ears and sides of the cheek is a brilliant idea. We got a gorgeous knitted one from a charity called Charity Knits x – www.charityknitsx.co.uk - ask for the hat they made for The Outdoors Mum if yours stuck. All money goes to children’s cancer.

4 – A decent pair of baby waterproofs. If your child is anything like mine, she liked crawling on the grass at a young age. The best all-in-one for babies was from Muddy Puddles and I bought waterproof fleece-lined booties from eBay.

Now your child is all kitted out, where can you take them?

An open green space is perfect or a trip in the buggy is a great idea. Be sure to stop or go slow if your child wants to touch a passing bush or tree. It's great they want to explore.

Another great option is parks. Brooklands Meadow Park is brilliant. They have wooden animal sculptures which are great for learning new words. They have a baby swing and the tiniest little climbing frame. If your little one can climb the stairs, they may be able to manage this. Be there for your little ones but see what they can navigate on their own, they will surprise you. Parks are great for problem-solving.

**The postcode for Brooklands Meadow Park is MK10 7FQ**




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