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Everything you ‘knead to know’ about MK’s fast-fired authentic Italian pizzeria - ISSUE 1

Fireaway Pizza, based at 12th Street, is a relatively new addition to Milton Keynes’ diverse food scene, having opened at the start of October 2020 – and it has certainly made its mark.

Fireaway offers a unique Italian dining experience, paired with an extensive food and drinks menu, even allowing customers to build their own pizza and watch the chef construct it right in front of them.

The whole process, right from start to finish, can be seen at the ‘viewing gallery’.

The experienced pizza chef will begin to roll out the fresh dough, spread the sauce, carefully (and generously) place the toppings before sliding the pizza into the 400-degree fire oven. And the best part? The pizza only takes 180 seconds to cook.

Fireaway’s first month of trading, back in October, saw a real buzz in the modern restaurant. The staff greeted plenty of repeat customers who couldn’t wait to have another bite. But after a few short weeks, in November, a second national lockdown meant that Fireaway had to close its doors.

The team, who were keen to continue satisfying customers, decided to offer takeaway

and delivery so that the pizza lovers of Milton Keynes could get a slice of the action.

And now, in 2021, Fireaway Pizza is back and ready to welcome customers

with a socially distanced smile.

The team has spent months perfecting their offering to ensure residents will

get exceptional, mouth-watering, authentic Italian pizza every time.

Fireaway uses top-quality ingredients from both the UK and Italy. The dough is fresh,

the ingredients are locally sourced, and the sauce has ventured over from Italy itself.

Mario Aleppo, the founder, introduced his Nonna’s secret pizza recipe to the UK when

the very first Fireaway Pizza opened in London in 2016. Fast forward to 2020, there

are now over 40 branches and the sauce has been spreading its way through the

streets of the UK ever since.

Milton Keynes is home to the flagship store, as the majority of the other branches

focus on delivery and takeaway. So, customers in Milton Keynes can choose

whether to enjoy the entire experience in the restaurant or savour the tastes at home.

Fireaway Pizza is available for eat-in, takeaway, and delivery.

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