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Customers have trusted thisMK-based garage for decades - ISSUE 2 (MK)

Finding a garage that is cost-effective, and more importantly trustworthy, can often be difficult.

That is why people who use Chalky Whites, located in Fenny Stratford, stick around for decades. Chalky Whites offers core services for all vehicles, including vans and 4x4s, with no hidden costs – ensuring that customers know exactly what they are getting, and crucially, what they are paying for.

It is Milton Keynes’ longest-established independent garage, which opened in 1982, and prides itself on customer experience and low prices. The trained technicians work to ensure vehicles are kept road safe and legal and try to help no matter the request.

She said: “I have been a long-standing customer and have never received bad customer service. The team are friendly and offer competitive prices.”

Albert, from Chalky Whites, explains:

“We have hundreds of loyal customers in the area who we have a very good relationship with and we end up looking after all of their families’ vehicles over time.”

One of those customers is Gillian, who has been using Chalky Whites for over twenty years.

These competitive prices translate across both labour and parts, with one of the most popular offerings being tyres. Chalky Whites sells countless tyres each month at the “lowest price in town”. Customers can book online and pay when the tyres are fitted to ensure top-level satisfaction.

Other services include vehicle servicing,MOTs, diagnostics and repairs, exhausts, suspension, clutches, gearboxes, and all vehicle work. They even offer loan cars if need be.

Chalky Whites’ sister company, Knight-Racer Performance & Styling, focuses on services for high-performance cars under the same roof.

To find out more about Chalky Whites visit www.chalkywhites.com or follow @chalkywhitesmk on social media.

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