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14-Year-Old Sienna Shares Her Inspirational Story of Strength and Hope in the Face of Cancer Diagnosis

Sienna, a vibrant 14-year-old girl, from Milton Keynes, never imagined that she would be sharing her journey with the world. In the blink of an eye, her normal teenage life was turned upside down when she received a Stage 2 Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis.

Hodgkin lymphoma, an uncommon cancer that affects the lymphatic system, specifically the immune system, caused Sienna's B-lymphocytes to multiply in an abnormal manner, accumulating in certain parts of her lymphatic system, such as the lymph nodes. As a result, Sienna's infection-fighting abilities have been compromised, necessitating her immediate commencement of chemotherapy.

Despite the challenges posed by her age and the rarity of her cancer, Sienna has chosen to participate in a study at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, where she is undergoing treatment. By doing so, she hopes to contribute to much-needed research on this particular type of cancer, especially in young girls. Sienna's courageous journey aims to raise awareness about the early signs of the disease and its effective treatment. Additionally, she plans to donate a portion of the funds raised to support the research team, enabling them to continue helping others as they have helped her.

Sienna and her family are still coming to terms with the life-altering news, but they remain resolute in their determination to fight this battle together. With an unwavering support system surrounding her, Sienna is confident that she will emerge from this experience stronger than ever before.

Recognising that there will be both good and bad days ahead, Sienna's family has created a fundraising page to not only raise awareness about Hodgkin lymphoma but also to fulfil Sienna's dream of going to Disney World, Florid. In an incredible display of solidarity, Sienna's family and friends are planning to climb to the summit of Mount Snowden in April to raise funds for her trip. Other fundraising events are also in the works, all of which can be supported through their Facebook group.

Sienna expresses her heartfelt gratitude to every person who donates, assuring them that she will personally send a private message of appreciation. She also wants to extend a special thank you to her mother, Louise, who has been her pillar of strength throughout this journey. Louise, in addition to being Sienna's mom, best friend, and rock, has taken on the role of caregiver, accompanying Sienna to all her appointments. Sienna's family, including her incredible support system, has been there for her emotionally, helping with hospital visits, and caring for her younger brother Rico.

Sienna concludes by thanking everyone for taking the time to read her story and for any donations, no matter their size. She emphasises that every contribution, big or small, can make a significant impact and expresses gratitude for the kind words of support that continue to uplift her spirits.

Sienna's story is one of resilience, bravery, and hope. As she embarks on her journey to overcome Hodgkin lymphoma, the world stands beside her, offering unwavering support and encouragement.

To make a donation to Sienna's Just Giving page please follow the link below:

For media enquiries, please contact:

Danny priest 

+44 7879 778720

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